Blues Engineering is all about improving student athlete experience at the University of Toronto. While projects are always evolving, some of our areas of interest include:

Academic Support
• Offering free tutoring to first year athletes
• Working with individual athletes to create a learning plan
• Weekly run study sessions to create a learning community

Community Building
• Student run study sessions
• Hosting events to increase peer network
• Student speaker series
• Partnerships within athletics and academic support staff
• Athlete celebration via our Facebook page
• Welcoming whoever would like to join us on our path to achieving excellence

Professional Development
• Creating mentorship opportunities
• Offering resume seminars
• Expanding our alumni network via LinkedIn
• Creating opportunities for athletes to expand their skill set
• Running an executive committee that is a place of growth


Fostering Connections between Generations of Athletes
• Upper and first year mentoring
• A growing LinkedIn community of athletes
• Reaching out to our alumni
• A vision of group sustainability

Streamlining Resource Access

• Maintaining a relevant website
• Connecting with our incoming athletes
• Populating our Facebook page
• Being the connection-makers
• Helping develop scholarship and bursary opportunities


Current project or event details can always be found on our Facebook page. We’re always looking for more volunteers, so if you are willing to help, or have great idea that you’d like to see happen? Let us know!