Varsity life is tough; Engineering is tough; living in both worlds can be crazy. Fear not, athletes - we’ve got your back.

Your Fellow Athletes

Tips for all Varsity Engineers:

  • Sleep
  • Introduce yourself to your departmental advisor. Whether it's organizing your course schedule for the next five years, planning for how to cope with Nationals during midterms, or simply to get some candy (often on their desks), your advisor is a great person to check in with. They are friendly, too!
  • Let it go. You're awesome, but you're not a superhero. Somethings have got to slide; consider that solving the bonus question in lieu of taking your ritual pre-game nap might be one of them.
  • Get on your study game right from the start of term - don’t let road trips and midterms surprise you!
  • Adapt!
  • Find your road trip groove. Some people like studying on the bus, some at the hotel, some not at all during road trips. Try out a couple styles - getting up early, finding a hotel conference room, or tackling the tough work before you leave are all good options. *Bonus points for finding equally studious teammates*
  • Be sure to self identify as a Varsity athlete on your Engineering Portfolio. We’re not guaranteeing you a scholarship, but your athletic commitments are self-improvement activities and leadership builders. Bet you’re pretty good at group projects, too.
  • Check out the exam repository at for access to old exams!
  • Take it easy. Going 100% 24/7 is not sustainable. Build in some fun time to laugh, take a breather, and relax with friends and family.
  • Seek help. Sooner or later, everyone needs it. Everyone. (Check out our Resources page for more info!)
  • Give help. Besides filling your daily quota for good deeds, connecting with others can be beneficial for everyone involved. Made some mistakes? Help someone avoid them! Rocking everything else? Beauty! Somewhere in between? Yeah, us too.
  • Carpe diem, Baby

Get in touch with your fellow Varsity Engineering student athletes - they’re out there! School friends are great, teammates are awesome, but those people who get both sides are often the best.

Having troubles finding someone to talk to? Send us an email at or send us a Facebook message and we’ll help set you up with someone.

Your Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Resources

Your Skule community is comprised of fellow FASE students. They are your other teammates...your typically less sweaty teammates.

Academic Advisors

These guys are great. Really. Drop by your advisor’s office and introduce yourself; if anybody can help you resolve those funky academic-athletic issues (whether it be a mandatory tutorial-practice conflict, a 6 year undergrad, concussion problems or otherwise) it’s these folks. Also – sometimes they have candy!

Chemical & Applied Chemistry
Civil & Mineral
Electrical & Computer
Engineering Science
Materials Science
Mechanical & Industrial


Getting a tutor, even for a session or two, can come in clutch when things get hectic. The website , a page on the website, is an excellent place to get some help for whatever is slowing you down in school.

Peers are Here – Engineering

The name says it all. Organized by students, for students in a free, open, non-judgemental setting. Keep an eye on the Undergrad website or the poster boards for meeting times.

The Website

A plethora of all things Engineering. Search up old exams, browse current student leadership opportunities, and learn about what the other Skuligans are up to. ‘Cause when you’re not singing “Ripperty-rapperty-ree”, you should be singing Godiva’s Hymn.

First Year Office

A.K.A. First Year Central. If you’re a First Year, go here!! No matter what is going on, these folks have seen it before. Whether you’re having some troubles with class or just checking in, the First Year Office has got your back.Drop by GB170 (turn right when you walk into GB) or send them an email ( They, too, often have candy. Visit their site here!

Embedded (Departmental) Counselling

Engineering is lucky to have the help of an embedded counsellor; this means you have someone with a big-picture take on health and wellness at your disposal. Sessions are 45 minutes long and can be booked through your academic advisor or the First Year Office.

Your Varsity Resources

At U of T, Varsity student athletes are lucky to have a plentitude of resources available to them through the Office of High Performance Sport. Some of these include:

The David L. MacIntosh Sport Medicine Clinic

The David L. MacIntosh Sport Medicine Clinic is here to save you from yourself. While anyone who busts an ankle (pulls a hamstring, gets concussed, or sustains any other fun injury) in an exercise-related fashion has access to this awesome clinic, a (large) portion of appointments are reserved for Varsity athletes – helping you get back to play faster. Be nice to the clinic staff: Varsity probably could not exist without them. Give ‘em a call at (416) 978-4678.

The Athlete Student Assistance Program (ASAP)

ASAP is available to all current Varsity student athletes. Besides providing a great studying environment, ASAP is staffed by people who can help you get your academics sorted while understanding the pressure that athletes face. Subject specific tutors are also available. Check in with your coach (or with us!) for the most current schedules. Bring your teammates!

The Staff

From your newest assistant coach all the way up to the Director of High Performance Sport, the Varsity staff have your back. U of T is lucky to foster the complete personal development of their athletes, and the people running the program play an important part of it. These folks also (definitely) have the inside scoop on all things Varsity.

Athlete’s Only Section of the Varsity Blues Website

When in doubt, check out this website. From petitioning an exam, taking the CCES webinar, brushing up on the Student Athlete Handbook, or simply checking out the deals your Loyalty Card gets you, the Athlete’s Only Section should be bookmarked for every student athlete. If this page doesn’t answer your question, the handy-dandy question forum will help get you in touch with someone who can.

Other Resources

U of T Health and Wellness

Open to all U of T students, U of T Health and Wellness is mind-body central. Resources that might be of particular interest to athletes include the Counselling & Psychological Services (otherwise known as CAPS; really awesome program), Health Services (run like family doctor’s office), and ongoing mental health programs. Check out their website to check out the best programs for you:

Concussion Clinic

Got bonked in the noggin? Know someone who did? Send them here. U of T is lucky to provide concussion-specific therapy for its community run through the David L. MacIntosh clinic. They will help you get back to normal on a pace that ‘s right for you. Access at:

N.B. Besides getting in touch with the concussion clinic, it is strongly recommended that concussed students get in touch with their departmental advisors: sorting out school is much easier with someone on the inside. Student-to-student support is also available; you are not alone in this! Send us an email and we can find you a fellow student athlete to rant to or laugh/cry with. Concussions are rough no matter who you are, but getting concussed while balancing Varsity and Engineering can be brutal, but you are not alone in this.

Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Sometimes, getting in touch with someone outside both Varsity and Engineering is just
what is needed. We get that; so do CAPS. Their website details full services offered, from in-person to online to group workshops ( A phenomenal resource.

Besides having an easy-to-remember URL, is a true bounty of health care services across Ontario. Type in your location and need (doctor, prescription, emergency room, imaging) and health providers will pop up. A great resource for those road trip mishaps.


Good2Talk is a 24/7/365 free, anonymous counselling call line for post-secondary students in Ontario. This is an awesome resource for in-the-moment help and with the professionals on the other side of the line, you know you’re in good hands. Find their website at, or contact their help line directly: 1-866-925-5454.